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Large Chalef Kosher & Halal Knife, Leather Sheath

Large Chalif, Kosher, Halal Slaughter Knife
CPM 154 carbon stainless steel, a trademark steel by Crucible Industries
Knifemaker's silver bolster and rivets
Jigged, dyed bone handle
Bronze and brass pins
Handsewn dyed brown leather sheath with purple velvet lining

Made to order in 4-5 weeks from time of order.

Approximate dimensions:
blade, approximately-
14" length
1.75" height

handle, approximately-

out of sheath-
10.6 oz.

in sheath-
17.1 oz.

This a high quality, hand made shechita knife that sharpens easily and hold an edge that you will be satisfied with. Many shochtim have provided feedback that these chalefim long hold a superior edge before needing stone work.

I also offer these by request and for daakas and/or gassos chalefim in a high carbon stainless that is incredibly capable.

Please feel free to contact me for further info as needed. The chalefim I make have been used and are endorsed by a number of recognized and senior Shochtim.

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