Daaka Chalef with Solid Sterling Silver Bolster, Ivory Stabilized Camel Bone Handle

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These are high quality, hand made shechita knives. You can select from my inventory or have me make you one to your specific requirements.

With the exception of custom handle and bolster options this is the identical steel type and the unique temper and hardness associated with Millers' chalefim.

They sharpen easily and hold an edge that you will be satisfied with.

I also offer these by request and for oifos, daakas, and/or gassos chalefim in a high carbon stainless that is incredibly capable.

Please feel free to contact me for further info or to place an order. My chalefim have been used and are endorsed by a number of recognized and senior Shochtim.

Production time frame will be approximated based on the details of your piece and current workflow. Pricing can vary based on the size as well as materials you would like for bolster, handle, etc.

Chalef pictured here has a solid sterling silver bolster (over 2 ounces of silver), an ivory stabilized camel bone handle, and has a 16.5" blade (21" overall.)

For sale to adults (18 and older.)

I am away from this shop from Friday night through Saturday night (in observance of Shabbat), as well as on Jewish High Holidays.