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Oifos Shechita Chalef with Bone Handle

Custom made chalif /chalef /chalaf, kosher knife.

Inspired by a desire to offer a well made product at a fair price. These are the tools of your trade and should reflect your level of expertise and care for your craft.

Old or damaged knives repaired, expert in making stainless or carbon steel chalef for Shoctim .

Chalef grinding, polishing, handle replacements or general refurbish services.

I offer a standard line with a base price of $250.00 using one of the original high carbon stainless steels.

Many shochtim have provided feedback that these chalefim long hold a superior edge before needing stone work.

All of these are made to order with your choice of bone, ivory or micarta for standard models. Silver bolsters and mokume gane also available. Pricing can vary based on the size as well as materials you would like for bolster, handle, etc.

I am releasing a limited number of chalefim for both gassos and oifos (behaima Dhaka as well). In Cpm 154. This is a specialty high carbon stainless tool steel made with powdered steel in in a special crucible pouring process. with superior edge retention and wear resistance. It is pricey and will add $50.00 to $120.00 to overall cost of chalif. I can fabricate any size thickness length or weight you'd like. So please let me know your particular needs.

Production time frame is approximated by the details of your piece as well as work flow.

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